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The Webworks - Our approach

Effective websites and web busineses are the result of careful planning, development and ongoing support. Regardles of the type or size of website that is produced we carry out a five-phased development plan to provide our clients successful web business solutions.

1 Definition - business anaylsis
2 Design - planning, navigation, user interface and styling
3 Build - from concept to creation - the production stage
4 Assurance - testing and approval through to the launch
5 Delivery - hosting, on-going support and development

1 Definition - business anaylsis
This is obviously a very important part of the process and unless a web site meets the needs of the intended users it will not meet the needs of the organisation providing the web site.
The first step is to understand the business aims and objectives and determine what level of website is required - something simple or a complete bespoke site with advanced features and functions.

We have designed a series of questions that help us define how your business can benefit from Internet technologies. Whether you're in the market for something simple, or need a complete Internet Solution with advanced functionality, the questions will identify a specific direction for your web business.

Once the questions have been completed, we can create a unique (no obligation) Internet Business Proposal for your review.

2 Design - planning, navigation, user interface and styling
Site design, navigation and user interface can be combined into one process. This is largely influenced by the function of the website, which in turn is determined by the information provided at the definitions stage. In this phase, the structure, look and feel of the website is defined along with recomendations for the build process.
Our design library is the perfect place to start the creative process.

3 Build - from concept to creation - the production stage
From concept to creation - the look and feel from the design phase are combined with all the technical elements of the site in the build process.

4 Assurance - testing and approval through to the launch
Each site is tested thoroughly accross a range of browsers and platforms to ensure that it meets expectations ready for the launch.

5 Delivery - hosting, on-going support and development
Each business can choose to have as much (or little) support as it wants. An ongoing support programme can be tailored for each customer to include SEO, visitor traffic analysis, and markingting.

The Webworks - how we make Websites that work

Navigation and Search
Clear, easy navigation and search functions for any product range, content and menus can be tailored to suit your business.

By remembering your customers
We build customer focused websites that can track and create customer profile and activity providing powerful marketing, sales, service and analysis information for use use in targeted campaigns and reporting.

Promote and Sell
Use of promotions, special offers, cross-sells, what’s new, sales, up-sells and best-seller lists to work with your website, catalogues, off-the-page advertising, email marketing or pay-per-click advertising to help sell your range.
Content and product, as well as the promotions behind them, can be targeted at different customers offering a personalised online shopping experience... and, we can also devise SEO strategies to help customers find your site and increase your site’s ranking in the search engines.

Manage and Measure
At the webworks we can provide analysis and management tools to review all aspects of your website’s visitor and sales activity. Visitors, affiliates, search engines and keywords used, catalogue browsing, promotions, site search and product sales can all be tracked and analysed - helping you know your customers better and and your online business work harder.

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